Endurance Camp

Written by, Laura Goodman, Head Coach

The Christmas Endurance Camp for the 11 & Overs came off without a hitch and a great time was had by all…..Congratulations to all who attended…..from what I saw on my couple of visits to the pool, it looked like all the kids were working hard and were very determined.

Thank you to Coach Mark for his initiative & hard work and to Coach Maurice for helping out as well.

Below is Coach Mark’s synopsis:
Eight (8) days of endurance work performed by 14 of our 11 and over swimmers in which the majority completed over 90 percent of sessions, including two two and -a – half hour sessions on six days and two three-hour water sessions on Old Year’s and New Year’s day, days on which parents organised a special meal and refreshments for the participating swimmers. The kids enjoyed the camaraderie of working together in dryland and in the water and got a jump start on the 2015 season under coach Mark’s programme and guidance with special help from Maurice Faria. The parents were pleased with the initiative and supported by bringing their kids early every session and having them ready to go from the scheduled start times. The kids were treated to a fun get-together at the end of the camp Saturday when they were handed certificates of participation and recognised for their hard work which included them achieving 55,000 (at the lowest end) to 10300 m in total volume and mileage for the eight days.

Thank you all……looking forward to seeing you all at the pool later.


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