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Pics from the first day of ASATT Invitational 2011

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Moonlight at Marlins

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Marlins Welcomes You To Its Annual Invitational Swimming Championship

The Invitational Age Group Championships to be held in Trinidad from Thursday, December 15th to Sunday, December 18th, 2011.


The competition will be held at Marlins 50-meter pool at St. Anthony’s College Grounds, Westmoorings, in accordance with the FINA rules in effect at that time. An 18-meter warm down pool is available at the venue.
(i) Arrival of Teams December 14th
(ii) First day of competition December 15th
(iii) Opening Ceremony December 16th @ 5:40 p.m.
(iv) Presentation of Awards December 18th after events


 Our Meet has received FINA approval and times achieved will be eligible for Olympics in London 2012

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Photos from Marlins Swimming Club

Marlins Reloaded

ASATT Invitational 2011 Trophy Winners

Photos of Trophy Winners at the A.S.A.T.T. Invitational Championships

ASATT Invitational 2011 Opening Ceremony

Photos taken of the Invitational Age Group Championships Opening Ceremony

ASATT Invitational 2011 Participating clubs

Photos of participating clubs at the ASATT Invitational 2011 Opening Ceremony

ASATT Invitational 2011 - First Day

Invitational Age Group Championships held in Trinidad & Tobago from Thursday, December 15th to Sunday, December 18th, 2011.

Moonlight at Marlins

Photos from Moonlight at Marlins: A 2011 fundraising event. Working together to achieve an important goal!

Marlins Swim Team from Trinidad & Tobago visits Davie

Training with the Davie coaches. Our swimmers took part in strength and conditioning training at the Institute of Human Performance (IHP) at Boca Raton