Some vitamin tips for swimmers

Swimming for fun or for fitness remains popular because it is ideal for many, from competitive athletes to the physically disabled. Swimming can be an intense physical activity that demands a lot from the body. Below are the best vitamins that are beneficial for swimmers. > Read More

Some nutrition tips for the goodwill hopefuls

If you’re a Competitive swimmer, you will already be aware of the importance your diet plays on your performance in the pool. But assuming you’re a healthy eater, read on for information on how you can tune your eating habits to boost your swimming performance. > Read More

Fluid Intake Requirements for Swimming

We sweat while we swim the same as we sweat while we engage in land related sports and activities. However, because we are in water, we don’t notice we are sweating while we swim.
Dehydration can contribute significantly to fatigue and can be detrimental to swimming performance – not only physically, but also mental skills such as focus, technique skills, judgment and decision making can be adversely affected. > Read More

21st Annual Flowers One Mile Sea Swim

Date: 15 June, 2013. The Flowers Sea Swim is Grand Cayman’s flagship sporting event. Last event’s race boasted over 900 registrants. Participants vary in age from 8 to 80 years old and in skill from novices and first-timers to gold medal Olympians and world championship open water specialists from around the globe. The Flowers Sea Swim welcomes Swimmers from all strokes of life!  > Read More

How Not to Ruin a Swimming Prodigy

Nothing about the aquatic credentials of Todd Schmitz hinted at future glory: After swimming for Metropolitan State College in Denver, he started coaching the 8-and-under group at a Colorado youth club in 2002. > Read More

Vitamin D and Athletes

by Erin Kelley MS, RD
Roughly 75% of Americans have insufficient or deficient vitamin D levels. This is due in part to our modern lifestyle of wearing clothes, being indoors, and wearing sunblock. Athletes typically do not meet the required dietary intakes. Here’s a look at how vitamin D may affect athletes: > Read More

Dry Land Training (The Race Club)

Take a sneak peak at the Race Club’s swim camps 2012 with two promising young swimmers Erik Risolvato and Joshua Romany. Erik went a 22.7 in the 50 meter free to win Junior Nationals last year. Joshua is only 16 and breaking records in Trinidad and Tobago. Check out the first of two webisodes as Erik and Josh demonstrate their dry land training with Coach Gary Hall Sr. > Read More

Top 10 Habits of Elite Athletes

It’s been said that all it takes to be successful is to find someone else who has achieved what you want, and do what they do. Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” In this vein, there is incredible insight to be gained from the habits of elite athletes. > Read More

How to swim faster than 2.1 meters per second

The best swimmers in the world are racing at a speed of 2.1 m/sec – certainly not an easy feat. This speed requires a far better than average technique and considerable strength. > Read More

Local open water swims

Welcome to the West Indies Bluewater Swim Series-Four exciting world class open water swim race events through the beautiful waters of the Caribbean region. > Read More


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